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hi all! n p n)/ i've talked about opening commissions for a long time and now that i've knocked some crucial things off my to-do, here we go!! since my sub finished, i lost my list so please note to remind me if you're missing from it ;o; (see bottom of page). 

i haven't done this in a really long time so i'll be taking commissions at a different pace this time! if you want a commission for something else please be patient n O n i'll open those as soon as i completely finish my to-do and figure out how to draw again hahahahahaha //shot

cheebs $20 usd or 2000 :points:

+ $5 / 500 :points: for extras (any prop larger than a third the size of the character, & weapons)

AT : Naoryu by milkbobbiCommission for Rehmiel #2 by milkbobbiCommission for Rehmiel #1 by milkbobbi

this isn't first come first serve, so please comment or note me if you're interested with the following info!

+ references! 
+ whether you'll be paying via $$ or :points:!

i'll note you if i choose to draw your character ^L__^
there are no slots ^_>^ but i'll only be accepting points until I have around 4000 :points:

i have a preference for cute characters with ears, tails, flowers, food themes (egg pls), lots of detail, light / colourful palettes and sparkles ofc +*+*


  • personal use by the commissioner only.
  • please do not steal / trace / copy etc. 
  • i work best drawing girls and shota boys. 
  • double price for couples, max 2 in one shot.
  • paypal or Points (depends on order)
  • buyer handles paypal fee. no refunds with the exception of certain circumstances.
  • please do not commission me if (a) you don't trust me < v> / (b) you don't have payment ready 



the to-do: 
  • AT with bunnily
  • 2/3 giveaway stickers
waiting for:
  • couple from sunflowerking (tumblr)
  • traditional couple from AX

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eumoir Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
hey bb farts all over with arty farty stuff
you and me by eumoir
keirui Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
weeps come back soon <33 ;;o;;;
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keirui Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
shhh omg pls tell me ur tagline is like 2% milk - AHAH /// o)--<
bb how are you omg <3333
imissyouqvq <333
eumoir Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
sorry for butchering your bb ;;;
mmm i wanted to practice trad
and i don't even have a scanner 0-/--<
aha aha i tried by eumoir  
but i'll be doing pixels for your other charas hehe
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eumoir Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
spits out drink//
that etherare you got ;O;
im dying milk bb i am dying
put em on your weebly please i needa pixel this guy too ahh
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